Indiana’s Premier Country Band

Darlington Road was formed in late 2014 playing their first show to a sold out club in Crawfordsville, IN and things sky-rocketed from there.  Four years, hundreds of shows, 2 EP’s and a few band members later Darlington Road is still on the rise as one of Indiana’s top bands!  The 6 piece band features some of Indiana’s top musicians providing high energy performances of the best country music has to offer. Their originals have been played on many Central Indiana radio stations and live shows have garnered many accolades and awards such as Montgomery County’s Best Band in 2014-17.  Consisting of traditional country instrumentation (such as fiddle, pedal steel, banjo and mandolin) with a new modern Midwestern heavy hitting rock sound, Darlington Road is a perfect example of a modern country band.

All six band members were born and raised in small-towns across Indiana and grew up on a variety of music but predominantly country and rock.  Their eclectic mix of influences and small-town Midwestern upbringings inspire their Midwestern country-rock sound that has garnered their originals radio play and legions of fans. Drummer/singer and song-writer Andrew Vaughn states, “we don’t write music to try to be like or sound like other artist, we write about what know. Real life experiences and we write it how we would like to hear it. After all we’re fans of music first, so if we wouldn’t listen to it then we don’t want to be a part of it.” “We set out to create an experience with our live shows,” continues Andrew.  “We want our crowds to not only be entertained but leave with a lasting impression that they witnessed a band passionately singing and playing music that represents their life stories.”

Audiences of all ages are entertained by the high energy and passion that Darlington Road performs with.  They take their audiences on a musical journey, with songs that have created the soundtrack to the listeners lives.  From the country greats like Cash, Waylon or Willie thru the 90’s greats of Brooks, Jackson & Montgomery and into today’s chart toppers like FGL, Aldean & Church! Darlington Road mixes it all together with classic rock influences like Hoosier native Mellencamp and Midwestern legend Seger and occasionally surprises the audience with a random 90’s hip-hop tune, that everyone love to sing along with.  All to create an experience unlike any other band!